We lead by example.

Since 1989, P.L. Marketing has assisted the sales and merchandising of Corporate Brand consumer products for the Kroger Company, the nation’s largest supermarket retailer. Additionally, we provide a multitude of merchandising and operational services for Kroger’s General Office, divisions, and stores, all while being employee-owned.

PLM Supplies

  • Ryan K.

    "I couldn’t be happier with our leadership and my managers. They provide a great work environment for me to develop and grow."

  • John W.

    "I love working for P.L. Marketing, the support I receive from management is amazing. Communication is excellent. I am provided the tools and training I require to do my job effectively. Management always listens to any suggestions I may have. They truly appreciate my efforts. I cannot think of a better company to work for."

  • Joseph L.

    "I have enjoyed my time as a part-time Kompass Representative working for P.L. Marketing. The flexibility of the schedule and the opportunity of working with and around some great people make the experience exceptional."